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Wings Of Bluestar is 2D hand drawn horizontal shoot'em up that combines core arcade gameplay with modern home console features, like a story mode in a visual novel style with dialog choices, trophies, artworks to unlock using in game collected points, new game modes to unlock like the Boss Rush etc.

  • Platform: Steam (Windows as a primary goal).
  • Control: gamepad/arcade stick and keyboard.
  • Language: English.
  • Number of players: One or two in local multiplayer (not included in the demo).
  • Leader board: yes (not included in the demo).
  • Difficulties: 4.
  • Saving: yes (one profile).
  • Steam Achievements: yes.
  • Description: Shoot'em up, shmups, arcade. 
  • Release date: Middle of 2019.

The playable demo is available here:




The game has been in development for almost 2 years now and we have achieved the followings:

  • 4 fully playable stages with bosses (first stage in the demo).
  • 2 player characters, each ship has its own play style.
  • 4 levels of difficulties to chose from in the options.
  • 2 types of gamepad controls and 3 types of keyboard controls.
  • Saving.
  • Hi-score.
  • Scoring/combo system for the first ship.
  • Full animated intro.
  • A solid trophies system with 3 trophies to unlock in the demo.
  • A solid gallery menu, offering original art, fanart and concept art to unlock (8 artworks to unlock are available in the demo).
  • Beside the games' score, there are secondary items to collect called "Risk Points", they are the in-game currency.
  • 6 original soundtracks.
  • A simple image tutorial.

  • More stages, at least 6, each one is 5 minutes long + boss fight.
  • A story mode in a visual novel style, offering dialog choices.
  • Local 2 player mode.
  • Local and online leader board
  • Steam achievements.
  • Key mapping for gamepad and keyboard.
  • A Boss Rush mode to fight bosses under a timer.
  • More trophies to unlock.
  • More artworks to unlock.
  • A shop to unlock extra continues and other features.
  • An interactive tutorial.

1st ship: Bluestar

  • More on the defensive side.
  • Uses a shield that launches a super attack when released.
  • Has two fast shooting satellites. 
  • Average speed.
  • Powers up by collecting items.
  • Weak fire power.
  • Hi-scores using the shield.

2nd ship: Altair

  • More on the offensive side.
  • Has a charging beam.
  • Has power attacks that can be collected.
  • Has two slow firing satellites.
  • Moves fatser.
  • Powers up by hitting enemies.
  • Stronger fire power.
  • Hi-scores using its charge shot.

The events of WOB start after humanity made contact with an alien and mysterious artificial intelligent. Due to the peaceful nature of the approach, humans learned many things from the aliens and witnessed a huge technological jump, especially in the branch of space travel, Prosthetics and weaponry.

But this peaceful relationship couldn't last and the artificial intelligence, led by an entity called "Idola", started attacking earth in an attempt to take control.

However, Earth resisted the attack and so the United Earth Defense had to lead the war against those mysterious artificial enemies.

Our main characters, Aya, the trainee pilot, and Zarack, the young veteran, alongside the United Earth Defense soldiers, will embark on a journey to face this once an ally, now a fierce enemy in a battle that will determine the fate of the blue planet.

As the characters evolve during the story mode, they'll have their own story and reactions to the events.

The world of "Wings Of Bluestar" is certainly advanced, but it doesn't mean that it isn't varied; it goes from space stations, underground facilities to ruins surrounded by nature.

Install instructions

The game demo contains the first stage and some other features.

It also supports gamepad, arcade stick and keyboard controls.

Just extract the .zip file and launch the game, no installation needed.


Wings Of BLuestar Demo Version 1.0.0


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Holy hell this was one of the craziest and fastest things I think I've ever played. It looks amazing, sounds great and is just overall damn fun to play, but damn did I die a lot. A lot of that was because it was kinda hard to tell what objects can kill you and it's really hard to keep track of enemies coming from behind. But this is a really solid demo!


Hi there!

Shinu Real Arts here, the dev of WOB.

 thanks for the mention and the cool video, it was fun watching.

I noted all the feedback you've mentioned and we'll be working on it.

Here are things that you missed out, mostly because the tutorial is hidden in the bonus menu :/ , but as soon as you get a turret (blue item with a plus), you can rotate them using the triggers (more options on the hmm options lol), and when you get a shield (yellow item) you can launch it as a super attack by pressing B.

Thanks again and hope you'll have a better 2nd playthrought.

Shinu Real.